We are Christ Centered

What We Do


A Heart for Service

29:11 Foundation exists to serve those who are hopeless because of addiction, or in early recovery and need support, and for family and loved ones who often don't get services for the pain and suffering they go through. 

Our organization was founded as the result of our Founder's journey towards recovery while battling a meth addiction. He was given a verse in prison that would plant a small seed of hope for the future and uncover a purposeful mission to serve those with no hope, no sense of purpose, no concept of their future. read his bio

"It would take a declaration, made by God to an ancient exiled and hopeless people, to plant a seed of hope and allow my purpose to be revealed in Him that knows my future." - Nicholas

“For I know the plans I have for you....to give you hope and a future"

Jeremiah 29:11


Renewed Hope and Plan for the Future

 29:11 represents the journey that unfolds when an individual, suffering an affliction, experiences hope that relief can be found. This is not an immediate hope, that is why substances typically fail, we're talking about sustainable hope, one that can last through the toughest and most painful moments in life. Our program aims to help individuals discover a renewed hope, purpose, and plan for a better future through a unique combination of equine assisted substance abuse counselling combined with life coaching.